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Keeping Our Best Teachers: Touching Tomorrow

North Carolina’s teachers are critical to the success of student learning. Yet every year, thousands of teachers leave the profession, drained by the demands of the public school classroom and lack of professional support. Teacher attrition costs the nation billions of dollars and is an incalculable loss to our society’s children. NCCAT is a recognized national leader in professional development programming for teachers. Established by the state legislature in 1985, NCCAT provides a year-round curriculum of intensive cross-disciplinary programs with a focus on digital learning, early grades literacy and teacher leadership. NCCAT is a place where teachers “advance teaching as an art and a profession” through a wide range of learning opportunities. NCCAT keeps good teachers teaching. Each year, nearly 5,000 teachers participate in residential seminars and professional development programs at the center’s campus locations in Cullowhee and on Ocracoke, returning to their schools with recharged interest and a more positive attitude toward teaching, which in turn improves the quality of public education in North Carolina.


Increasing teacher effectiveness is fundamental to improving public education.


Critical Success

NC teachers are critical to the success of student learning. NCCAT is a recognized national leader in professional development, supporting and retaining the highly qualified teachers who will prepare students to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Direct Impact

94% of participants self-reported that NCCAT programs had a direct impact on classroom practice.

Observed Improvement

78% of principals reported observed improvement upon return from NCCAT.

Best Practices

NCCAT models best practices for application to the classroom.

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