Timing Matters: Getting the Most Bang for Your Teaching Buck

The human brain can only process a limited amount of direct instruction. By timing your lessons appropriately, you can maximize the amount of material your students remember and minimize the amount of reteaching you have to do. Dr. Deb Teitelbaum talks about the topic during an NCCAT Beginning Teacher program.


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15 Jun

NCCAT Honored Educator Scholarship Established for Distinguished Polk County Educator

The North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching, a national leader in professional development for teachers, has established the William J. Miller Honored Educator Scholarship to honor an educational leader who served more than 30 years in the school district he attended as a student.

06 Jun

NCCAT Online Now has Digital Badges

Participants in NCCAT Online can now receive digital badges as part of the program.

Digital badges are a way to capture and communicate what an individual knows and can demonstrate in any given field. While this electronic method of recognizing an individual’s knowledge and skills has been around for several years, it has recently gained momentum as a way to recognize individual’s learning. Digital badges are a way to certify the skills of a learner in basic education programs that are valued in schools.

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